FAB Express

FAB Express is a fourth-generation, family-owned regional trucking company helping our customers with short haul loads throughout the Midwestern U.S. We help corrugated box manufacturers and any other non-hazardous/non-food grade industries throughout the region.

Our drivers specialize in runs within a 260 mile radius in multiple Midwest markets.

Because of our geographic reach, we are able to serve large accounts with large Midwestern service areas. Our customers are easily able to utilize our services in multiple markets, making it an efficient way to do business.

Central Dispatch Innovators

FAB Express was instrumental in developing the central dispatch process in the 1960’s. We developed this system to better serve our customers daily fluctuations without charging them minimums for the day.

We felt the dedicated system was inefficient and created too many empty miles. Central dispatch is a system that serves everyone’s needs in a more efficient manner. It reduces emissions, maximizes productivity, and delivers the best possible customer experience.

The central dispatch system guarantees that our customers’ daily fluctuating needs are met without any minimums for each truck placed in service. This has helped simplify operations for both parties involved.