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The Featured Drivers section of our website is dedicated to the hundreds of FABulous drivers that make FAB Express the best regional and short haul trucking company in the Midwest. Learn why we have such a stable work force and low turnover rate on our careers page

Joe started for FAB Express in 2013. As a Bear’s super fan and 2nd place winner in the now infamous 2013 FAB Express Super Bowl Shuffle dance contest, Joe has an insatiable appetite for football, fun and football. He can often be seen throwing imaginary passes from the parking lot to anyone who will catch them.

On a recent trip to Wisconsin, Joe found time to build the frosty masterpiece that won January’s Photo of the Month (above). A proficient and dedicated builder of snowmen with a lifetime of experience, he takes inspiration from artists such as Michaelangelo, Botticelli, and Mort Walker.

Joe says his next project is a snow-woman. Knowing his sense of humor, this one’s going to get him in trouble.

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